Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Helping Mom Promote Her Children's Book is Hard Work

Today is International Children's Book Day. Mom just realized it as of an hour ago and I told her I wanted to post about it on my blog. I'm great at promoting stuff, especially if it's all about me.


Anyway! Finding Mya was written for adults to enjoy while reading to their children, and features original artwork by then-eight-year-old Mya Lyn Campbell, a fan of my big brother Herman’s who sent momma drawings of him that inspired this book. She even did a book signing in her home town! Love that so much.

FINDING MYA by Kimberley Koz is available on Amazon.

“Eight-year-old Mya has a magical relationship with her grandma’s foster kitten, Herman. They can talk to each other. Not with words. With tickle thoughts!

Then Mya’s vacation ends and Herman is adopted by a lady whose dog treats cats like chew toys. He vows to escape! But how will he find her? Mya says she will leave picture-maps along the road to her house. All he has to do is follow them and they will live Happily Ever After. It’s a great plan. Too bad it goes wrong right from the start.”

With the choking amount of vet bills we have incurred, I want to help out by promoting momma's books like Finding Mya, Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries, and her girlie Rom Com A Mad Fling, and her Christmas fantasy Kringle - all available on Amazon.com. If you think someone you know might enjoy one of these stories, please pass along. And be sure to tell em the Original AssRabbit sent ya. Thanks much!

Monday, October 16, 2023

The Boss Rabbit

 Today, October 16th, is National Boss's Day. 

At my house, my Momanager is the Boss, mostly cuz she dishes out the noms and tells Dadders what he's doing wrong because he doesn't do it her way. 

My Dadders had a staff to Boss before he moved to FloryDa to play hit balls with sticks and fix stuff around the house. 

But I'm the Real Boss around here (ask anybuddy), so here are some tips if you aspire to be the Boss of your world.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Guys Sticking Together

 Hey everybuddy. Rabbit here. Now I don’t mean to start anything, but after taking a deep dive into my social media stats, I got some news that just might change the type of content I post.


Up to now I’ve had women in their 40s and 50s following me, so I restrained my antics because you know how women get all fusty over guys doing stuff like acting out, laffing at guy humor, biting their sisters’ necks and looking for trouble. However, as of this past month, men ranging in ages from 13 to 44 dominate my followers at – drumroll please – 76.3%.

I was just reading a report in the NY Post that claims people start losing their sense of humor at age 23, mostly because they’re supposed to be all serious at work.

The report said the average 4-year-old laughs as many as 300 times a day, whereas the average 40-year-old will take two and a half months to log that many chuckles.

I’m thinking most of those 40 year olds are women, chastising their husbands and teenage sons for enjoying inappropriate humor… kinda like I hear my mom doing to my dad when he’s quoting Peter Griffin and Quagmire from Family Guy.

So anyway… Guys… I want to officially welcome you to Team AssRabbit, where its all fun and games, even if you get sent to your room for biting your sister’s neck.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Backyard Morning Rush Hour

Dear Diary...

Today is the First Day of Summer! We are getting hit by huge storms. Last night our two huge water bowls got flooded. Dadders emptied 30 buckets so today’s storms don’t flood our Catio.

As I watched morning rush hour pass by, Cornelius Crowbird stopped to catch me up on neighborhood gossip. He saw the big white poodle, Flagler, out for a stroll with his daddy, and the Woodstocks at the end of the block got a notice from the HOA to remove that giant peace sign off their front lawn as it offends one of the neighbors. Cornelius didn't say which neighbor, for fear of retaliation. I will pass along updates if there are any.

I also got a little wurk out in atop my ball spinner thingy. I've watched Candy and Frank gently paw the ball, but... Pffft! So lame when you can sit on it and spin that sukka like I do. So much more action!

And then Barbie deer stopped by to tell me she and her sisters were moving to higher ground because the severe storms have flooded the area where they usually sleep. This is Florida and higher ground - especially a mile from the ocean where we are - is probably a slight mound of grass-covered dirt. Still, she was pretty adamant about going, so I didn't bother to argue.

Are you getting storms at your house? Storms in Florida mean the start of hurricane season. I can’t wait! Last year Hurricane Ian stole our power for a couple of days and ripped a roof panel off our Catio. Immediately giant birds started circling overhead as though they were Forest Gump looking down at us cats like we were inside a box of chocolates. Dadders made a temporary cover for the missing screen that kept us safe until the repair dudes could fix it a month later.

Hurricane Nicole showed up on one of the final days of Hurricane season in November and devastated Daytona Beach down the road from us. People lost their homes from wind and flooding. It was very scary, but at my house we breezed through it without damage or losing power.

Here's hoping Hurricane Season 2023 is lame and a big o' failure.

And that's my report for today. Purrs, Rabbit